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How Do the Responsibilities of a Nanny Differ From Those of a Housekeeper?

An increasing number of households are hiring domestic help because of the family’s busy lives. A lot of times, even though a family knows they need someone to help out, they are not sure about what kind of help to hire. They might need someone to take care of their young children at home. They might also need some help with chores around the house. So, would they hire a nanny or a housekeeper, and what is the difference between the two? Here are some tips on clarifying the differences.

A Nannie’s Responsibilities

A nanny’s primary responsibility is to take care of the family’s children. This includes tending to the children’s needs physically, socially, and emotionally. A nanny might create opportunities for the children to learn for their intellectual development. Taking care of the children can also include tending to things and areas that they use, like preparing meals and cleaning up after them, keeping the children’s rooms tidy and laundering the children’s clothes and linen. In this sense, the nanny has some housekeeping duties, but only if they are directly connected to childcare.

A Housekeeper’s Responsibilities

A housekeeper’s role is quite different. The responsibilities will include tasks that impact the entire family. Responsibilities typically include doing the family’s laundry, cleaning the floors, cleaning the bathrooms, the kitchen, and other general house chores. A housekeeper’s primary role is not taking care of the children, but taking care of the house.

With that said, it is fairly common that a family would need someone to help with the children as well as with general household chores. Since the roles of a nanny and a housekeeper are quite different from each other, it is important for the family to decide whether they want to hire two individual helpers, or if they want one helper who is willing to assume both roles.

If hiring a helper with dual roles is desired, then it should be clarified from the start what the expectations are and how the helper’s time will be divided between the two roles. One typical arrangement might be tending to housekeeping duties while the children are at school. If the children are younger than school-age, it is essential that the helper understands that the children’s needs should be cared for first before any housekeeping duties. The family must set realistic expectations on what household chores need to be accomplished and by when because children’s needs can be unpredictable.

Nanny or Housekeeper: Which is Better For You?

Some families opt to hire a nanny full-time and a separate housekeeper part-time to come in a few times a week to clean the house. That way, more time can be devoted to caring for the children.

So, knowing the difference between a nanny and a housekeeper is important. There are various approaches to getting a family’s childcare and housekeeping needs met. Companies such as SOFLO Domestics in Miami, FL provide the services of both nannies and housekeepers, as well as babysitters and governesses. It all cases, it is important to include a written list of tasks and responsibilities in the contract that is agreeable to the family and the helper. A domestic staffing agency can help the family develop the list and can find the perfect domestic helper who will fit their needs.