How to Convert Business DVD Videos to Files

Slowly but surely DVDs are starting to be used less and less due to the availability of numerous other storage options as well as the growth of cloud storage services. That being said, many businesses still store important videos in DVD formats – including training videos, presentations, and even corporate reports.

At some point or other, you may need to utilize these business DVDs and will find yourself limited to being only able to play them on a computer with a DVD player, or a DVD player connected to a TV. The good news is that there’s another option: Convert your business DVD videos to files that are much more convenient to handle.

In actual fact, DVD videos consist of VOB files and all that you need to do is convert those to a more widely compatible video format. That can be done using Movavi Video Converter to essentially convert VOB to AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, or any other format you desire in just 3 simple steps:

  1. Add the DVD to the software by clicking ‘Add DVD’ and selecting it.
  2. Choose the format that you want to convert the DVD too in the ‘Convert to’ list.
  3. Click ‘Convert’

If you want to use your business DVD videos on a specific device or platform you could select a preset instead of a video format. Each of the presets will help you to optimize the video format and settings for a specific device or platform, including mobile devices and online video sharing platforms such as Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo.

From time to time you may encounter a DVD that consists of numerous tracks that are all individual videos, or it may contain excess footage that you don’t need. When you do you can also use Movavi Video Converter to trim out any unwanted footage and merge videos together as required. It will also let you enhance the video quality, crop or rotate the videos, and add your own customizable text to them.

As you explore Movavi Video Converter you’ll soon see that it is really more of an all-round media converter that is capable of converting audio and image files too. Its capabilities are rather extensive, and you could even use it to extract the audio tracks from your videos or create animated GIFs out of video clips. Be sure to give these features a try as they will definitely come in handy at some point.